Learn the Training Secrets to Get Stacked N Jacked

by David Claiborne, Owner – Genesis Fitness & Performance

I’m David Claiborne aka DC and just wanted to say thanks for stopping by before we went any further.
Just you coming here says something about you.

It tells me that you are looking for ways to become bigger, leaner, stronger, healthier, and Stacked N Jacked.  I love helping out dedicated people to make sure that they get the most from their training. It is the main reason I went into coaching and strength and conditioning.

Why do most guys who train hard, eat correctly, and take what they think are the right supplements never look any different, get any stronger, and are always stuck in a plateau workout to workout, week to week, month to month, and even year to year?

Because most guys train incorrectly and follow poorly designed workouts, take crappy supplements that don’t do anything, and never eat or recover correctly.

Most guys who are looking to get Stacked N Jacked make the mistake thinking that the newest training program released in this month’s muscle magazine, taking the coolest and weirdest named supplements, and spending hours upon hours in the gym are the only way to gain muscle, get stronger, and achieve that Stacked N Jacked look.

I’m not saying those 3 things are wrong, but for 99% of the people out there who workout, they are not going to give you the results you desperately want to achieve.

The easiest way to think of it is like this… Every year supplement companies come out with some new type of protein powder for training. This new protein is designed to be the best digested, taste the best, improve training the most, etc.  But if you give that supplement to someone who is training wrong, doesn’t eat right, or recover properly will it magically give him results?

Nope… All you have now is someone who still isn’t Stacked N Jacked, and is a little more broke in the process.

That is how these new monthly magazine workouts and supplements work. Never before discovered exercises, supersets, drop sets, tri sets, rest pause training, hypertrophy training, etc. are like getting the best supplement.  Yes they work, but if they aren’t used correctly as part of a quality training program then you aren’t going to get any results.

Here are some ways to make sure you are using a quality training program, and the right supplements so you can unlock your potential and get Stacked N Jacked.

  1. Add More Bodyweight Training Into Your Program – Forget about living under a barbell or dumbbells for all your exercises.  Some of the most Stacked N Jacked dudes are gymnasts and they never touch a weight.  If you aren’t performing quality bodyweight movements in your workouts then you aren’t going to get the best results possible.
  2. Keep Your Training Short & Intense – Gone are the days where people think 2-3 hours spent in the gym is going to get you results.  You want to train hard, fast, and try to be finished with your warm-up, workout, and cool down in under an hour.  This spikes your hormones and will help you build muscle, lean up, and get stronger way more efficiently than spending all day in the gym.
  3. Maximize Your Testosterone & GH Production – If you aren’t recovering properly between workouts, then you aren’t going to get results.  By following a proper recovery protocol like getting enough sleep, eating the correct foods, and finding something to compete in, your hormone levels will stay elevated which will lead to way better results.
  4. Take Fish Oil – If I could only take one supplement daily, it would be fish oil.  The benefits fish oil provide are too numerous to list here, but your heart, brain, joints, muscles, and entire body will thank you if you add a quality fish oil into your daily supplement protocol.
  5. Get a Tan or Take Vitamin D – Vitamin D is key when it comes to getting Stacked N Jacked.  It has been proven to help burn fat, and increase testosterone production.  If you are able to get out in the sun for 20 minutes a day with no sunscreen you will get plenty of this wonderful supplement.  But if that isn’t an option then you need to add in a quality Vitamin D supplement into your daily supplement routine.

To make these tips as well as many more as simple as possible to incorporate into your training program, I’ve created 2 guides that will explain everything in detail.

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In Strength,
David Claiborne (DC)
Owner Genesis Fitness & Performance

PS – Be sure to shoot me any before and after pics, or a brief testimonial on you getting Stacked N Jacked.  I want to see just how well these tips worked for you.

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